Lining up, shopping and sneakers – Our USA tour so far

As many of you probably read in my post from last year about our tour of the UK, I generally do my travel logs in a series of ‘top tips’…this one will be similar but will also be a mishmash of highlights, musings, pointers and oddness….some will have pictures and some will have pictures made from words…that’s called using your imagination! (Incredible yeah?)

DISNEYLAND has many lines of extremely happy people!
Lots of people said to us as we shuffled into Disneyland at stupid early o’clock, ‘HAVE A MAGICAL DAY!’ and I looked at them with a degree of cynicism…in Australia most people would think ‘is this guy being a smart arse?’ But here really believed it and was so excited for us to have a magical experience. I looked around for the koolade dispenser, but saw this instead…
Mascots everywhere…lots of them…Tigger, Winnie, Rafik, Minnie Mouse, Mickey and a boatload of others. And they are all pumped up for Haynes all day. (For those of you unaware, the dashingly Santa Cruz’d hatted gentleman on the left is me)

People are really really happy and it starts to become infectious…I kept pulling myself up and being realistic about the ridiculousness….but by the end of 2 days at Disneyland I had the track suit on, the koolade flowing through my veins and the need for more rides.

Speaking of rides…the USA has a national pastime which is lining up. I’ve never seen people wilfully line up like people do here…and no one is cranky about it either….weird. At Disneyland I waited 50 minutes to get on….yep almost an hour and that wasn’t a long line compared to other rides.

Indiana Jones ride? Awesome
Splash mountain? Awesome
Star Wars ride? Awesome
Catering at Disneyland? Average to the max…

All in all I give it 8 out of 10…it loses 2 due to poor coffee and the massive Star Wars plug given the recent acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney…couple of photos to illustrate 🙂 but also to peruse from the funness that is Disneyland.







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