Very much enjoyed Clintons speech

Very charismatic fellow….enjoyed this a lot!

I wish i was half the orator this man is….very inspiring


It was acceptable in the 80’s

i would not allow any of these men near anyone I cared about. Also would not let any of them babysit my small children or anyone elses

What is it to be Australian on Australia Day?

I have truly never been able to define what is truly Australian, and on Australia day I’m still trying to define it. I have always seen Australia day as a day that is a mishmash of pride, celebration, acceptance, remembrance and embarrassment. Pride at our international achievements for such a small nation, celebration of our roots, acceptance of others, new additions to our nation and yet embarrassment about how these people are treated.

So how do Australians celebrate Australia day, and what is Australia day about?

Is it celebrating the citizenship of our new Australian’s?
Is it smashing a few mangos whilst sitting on the beach with some mates?
Is it listening to the Hottest 100 on the J’s whilst having a BBQ, throwing down tinnies and laughing all day?
Is it jumping in your ute, southern cross tattoo proudly displayed on your calf and maxing doughies in the carpark after some rumbos?
Is it remembering those displaced by white settlement in Australia?
Is it being finally proud of Pup and Punter on Day 3 of the Test?
Is it remembering the troops who are fighting on Australia’s behalf overseas?
Is it being happy that ‘poofs’ can’t be married?
Is it remembering the start of our young nation in 1788?
Is it heading to the Big Day Out?

It is all of these and more, and thats what makes Australia day so unique.

Australia day means so many things to so many people and thats why it is so important to stop and think about the diversity of opinions and beliefs. However you celebrate this day it truly is one of the only National Holidays I can think of where people have such different ways of celebrating it. Musics lovers celebrate it differently to the Foodies or our Indigenous community.

I like to think one of our greatest achievements to celebrate is that we are a country of contradictions…and thats how I want to celebrate Australia Day. Celebrating our contradictions. Australia’s greatest achievement is certainly its greatest achilles heel.

We are fiercely proud of our country and what has been fought for to keep it ours, but we don’t like to share it too much.
We are incredibly diverse and multicultural but frightened of the ‘others’.
We have an untold supply of resources to fuel and support our country, but we send it all overseas because its the profitable and easy solution.
We have the most amazing musical, film, theatre and artistic talents that we are so proud of, but send them overseas because our industry isn’t supported.
We have a healthcare system that we begrudge.
We are the envy of so many nations, yet we don’t wear this as a badge, rather just go with the international flow.

This is what makes this country so incredible. We argue, protest, debate, strike, discuss, legislate, overturn almost everything…and everyone is afforded an opinion. We have constant discussion and foment about almost everything in this country and I truly believe this is what makes us uniquely Australian. Our ability to constantly change and redefine our Identity as a nation is truly fantastic and this is what I am proud of.

I would go as far as to say that Australia still has not found its Identity, and thats OK. We will continue to search and discover what it means to be Australian. Our politicians will come and go, the agendas will shift and change, our cuisine will never be defined, nor will the national drink, nor will we ever have a capital city that anyone goes to, or even settle what the national sport truly is….and isn’t that cool.

We have and continue to have constant debate about our identity and what it means to be Australian…and that is what defines us, our ability to define and redefine and continue the ever changing identity that we have had for some may years.

Happy Australia day folks!

Lucas vs Spielberg – Star Wars vs Indiana Jones

Ok…supremely important question. The question that has bugged me for so long, which is better? Star Wars vs Indiana Jones….and just as important the division between each of the chapters of awesomeness.

In a world where banal questions reign supreme: What is your 1,2 and 3 of Star Wars and/or Indiana Jones?

A New Hope vs Raiders of the Lost Ark
Temple of Doom vs Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi vs Last Crusade


Do you prefer to watch the shiteness of the new star wars films or the new indiana jones films?