Sunrise in kangaroo valley

The best way to start the last day of holidays…


I wrote my list to Santa this morning

I’ve actually never sent a list to Santa before but I’ve written lists of the most outrageous stuff over the years.. it never came close to the list but I was never disappointed. My imagination was always what created my list, not functionality or practicality. My favourites over the years are:

1. A pterodactyl so I can swoop down and chomp the next door neighbours
2. A boat with jets so that it can leave the water and fly to my favourite countries
3. A hundred thousand dollars to make a million dollars in my new ‘company’
4. A Lamborghini testarossa because they are heaps cool
5. For my Mum and Dad to live forever
6. For the wallabies to win the Bledisloe and the World cup

For those of you who know me well it is hard to figure out how old I was when writing any of these wishes to Santa….for instance I may have written the pterodactyl wish when I was 8 but I still have use for it now. Head to the comments section below and let me know when I wrote these comments and ALSO let me know if you can assist with any of them

Silliness aside what I do want from Santa and the universe this year is very simple….family, love, relaxation, spending time with my beautiful new wife (she goes alright) and a nice whack of seafood on boxing day with the cricket…..hope you are all planning a very beautiful Christmas.